Kalleas' kittens, kissed by an Angel

​​​Southern Road Kallea

CFF registered~ Old Style Siamese

Kallea came to me as quite a surprise as Kallea was a visiting Queen to my cattery and was only to be bred for a friend!  I am forever grateful for Brianna from Kokiri cattery for recognizing my hearts desire and allowing  my family to keep this girl forever.  She has bloodlines that I have been pursuing for several years.  The Permes Gizmo line is an old and healthy line.  Permes Gizmo is Kallea's grandfather.  In addition to this outstanding healthy male, there are many other outcrossed lines not in my cattery. We are so excited to see Kallea's kittens this year.  Kallea does not carry the long haired gene so all of her kittens will always be Siamese Seal and Chocolate Points.