Kittens from 2017

TICA registered

Red points also know as Flame points are a very rare point for the Siamese and Balinese cat.  Even more rare is the Old Style Balinese in a red point.  Since my first days as a breeder one of my passions and goals has been to be able to support a red point program so this color can thrive here in the US and in other countries.  I am one of the few breeders who has the Old Style Balinese and Siamese in Red point with full bodies and nice full faces.  Below Keena's pictures are photos of her last litter, all with forever homes.

Permes Keena is a Red Point  Siamese capable of producing red females and males long (Balinese) and short hair kittens.  She was a blessing from Louis Azcarate and I am so thankful that he entrusted me with his Red Point lines to help promote this rare color.  

Permes Keena, Red point Siamese

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