​​Our Plans: Maintaining outcrossed lines and building a healthy cattery takes years to accomplish.  Each litter is studied, past breeders are asked about potential health or behavioral issues in the lines and so much is considered before that breeding takes place.  Many times it takes several years of planning between a few breeders for a certain breeding line to be created that will benefit the Siamese or Balinese.  At Provenance we are always thinking and planning ahead.  Every breeding is a step towards furthering the breed.    

We have kept back kittens from one of our retired studs, these kittens have been bred from lines only consisting of the four traditional colors and will have these lines in our cattery for years to come. 

Look out for Provenance Prospero and Provenance Winter's Tail in 2019 

We are keeping back kittens!  Kittens will be kept back from those mothers who have been retired.  These will be CFA, CFF or TICA Balinese kittens in various colors. 

If you are interested in finding out more about our future plans, and getting placed on the waiting list, please reach me by email at:  


Future Breeding Plans for Provenance Cattery.