I love this sweet boy and I love his story. Oberon was born here at my house and was named Whopper.  All the kittens were named after movie candies. Whopper was a nice big and beautiful kitten with gorgeous eyes.  He definitely fit the description of "What you want in a Stud cat". He was named Oberon by a very good breeder friend of mine who at the time was in Shakespeare plays. Obie, also called Whopper is now 3 years old and has just started his roll as a stud.  He is fitting into his roll as a confident, happy and healthy stud boy perfectly!!  We are really excited to have more of his kittens this year! 

Cherry Garcia, a Red Point Balinese, was born right here in our home.  He is the son of Provenance Autumn Mist of Tresor Cats and Provenance Prospero, both of who were born and raised in my home and are retired from my program. Cherry has a famous brother named Provenance Domino of Permes (Chunky Monkey while with us) who resides at Permes Cattery in Washington State. Cherry will be the Sire for all of our future Red point litters as well as the beautiful Tortie Points.  

Permes Coffee is quite the gentleman, he is calm and affectionate just like his father, whom we raised, Provenance Domino and his grandfather Provenance Prospero. He is also a very big boy. Coffee was given to me by Louis Azcarate from Permes cattery and has incredible pedigree on both sides which gives him great diversity. It is always so beneficial to the breed when you can work with other breeders to create outcrossed, unrelated lines. Thank you Louis!

Provenance King Oberon

Provenance Kings

The kings of our home are sweet, docile, and beautiful in style, eye color, and bone structure.  To me the two most important factors besides health is eye color and personality.  A stud male cat has a hard job of impressing the girls, ruling his territory and waiting on me to make the decisions for him.  Sometimes that waiting can make them aggressive and fussy.  When we were choosing our males we emphasized good character, and we have that here!  The boys are lovers not fighters.  They groom their girls and coo and chirp at them and protect them.  It's a beautiful site to see.  

​​        Permes Coffee

​        TICA registered Seal Point Balinese

Dragonetti came to me from a cattery in South Dakota named Gambades.  His breeder is a wonderful, honest and ethical woman, who breeds with  progressive goals and her best intentions in mind.  Dragonetti's blood lines are from a cattery in Michigan, Sugars Cattery. 

Dragonetti is a gentle boy who really craves the attention of people, especially my husband.  They are totally bonded.  We are looking forward to his kittens this year!

    Gambades Dragonetti

     TICA registered Seal Lynx POint  Siamese

Provenance Cherry Garcia

All Kings are DNA tested for 50 feline genetic disorders prior to starting their breeding careers.