Due to the popularity of the breed, our kittens are usually reserved before they are born.  If you are ready to commit to this fantastic breed and would like a kitten from our home, we recommend getting on the waiting list by placing a deposit.  If you would like advice on the Balinese or Siamese breed or have general questions about kittens, we would love to offer our time answering those for you.  

~If you are interested in a kitten, please leave your name and phone number on the contact form provided or email me your contact information so I can call you.  After our initial conversation we will ask you to answer a few questions so we can get an idea of who you are and the home the kittens will be joining.  We will discuss our contracts, and the prices of our kittens.  Once you are approved a nonrefundable reservation fee of $350.00 paid by Paypal, Venmo or by check, will be collected which goes towards the total cost of the kitten which varies based on length of hair.  Our cost includes DNA testing of both parents for 50 feline genetic disorders, stool cultures and first two sets of vaccinations, 3 veterinary exams before leaving, deworming, spaying or neutering, registration papers and the assurance that the kittens are flea and worm free.  

 ~At any point after the $350.00 reservation fee is received, and before the total is collected, if we the breeders feel that the kitten may not be going to an appropriate home, we will have the right to make the decision to return the deposit to the potential owner and no longer continue with the sale and homing of the kitten.  

~Kittens are reserved based on the order the reservation fees are received.  If you were not able to get the kitten you wanted, we will hold your place towards the next litter for up to a year at which point we will reimburse the fee.  Reservation fees are otherwise nonrefundable and the waiting list is only for those leaving a reservation fee.   
 ~A contract will be signed by both of us at the time a kitten is reserved.  The first contract will serve as a receipt declaring your intention of being on the waiting list as well as a clarification of our policy's and prices based on color and hair length.  Our second contract defines what is expected over the life of your kitten.  It is a two year health guarantee and a guarantee that we will be available to you when you need us for any reason related to the care of your kitten.  

~Our cats and kittens are fed a high quality grain free, gluten free, preservative free all natural kibble called "Taste Of The wild, Lowland Creek", as well as a grain free, preservative free kitten Wet food by "Instinct".  We also use the kibble "Petcurian Go!" Nursing moms and are given a blend of goats milk and eggs, fresh yogurt along with other nutritionally rich ingredients to ensure health and great coat condition.  Mothers are given vitamins to support the hardship of pregnancy and weaning kittens.  We use an all natural corn based litter.  Our Cattery is green for the family and for the Earth!! 

~Spaying and Neutering can safely be performed on the pediatric feline population as early as 6 weeks.   My kittens are altered at 12 weeks.  They are given up to 3- 5 days to rest with mom before going to their new homes.   Females can sometimes have their first heat cycle by 4 months and can then have kittens this early as well.  If females aren't spayed they also run a risk of a deadly uterine infection called Pyometra.  To save the life of your cat you would have to do an emergency spay which would cost triple the amount of a healthy spay.  An un-spayed female cat also can develop cysts and uterine cancer.  An unaltered male will adopt territorial behaviors such as spraying and aggression.  

~My email address is: kittens@provenancecats.com, I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

~My phone number is 443-603-5660, please leave a text message as voice mail is usually full. 

 ~Please do not pay a security deposit without receiving an email or phone conversation from me stating that you have been approved to adopt one of my cats.  Just because you have contacted us and have had an initial conversation does not mean you have been approved.  This is a serious decision that my husband and  I will make together as each kitten needs to be placed in the best homes possible.  

My husband and I greatly appreciate those who have committed to our cattery and you inspire us to do our very best for you.


How to adopt a Provenance Kitten

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