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 We are a TICA, CFA, and CFF registered Old Style Siamese and Balinese cattery located in Maryland.  We are a smaller cattery which helps us raise healthy and happy kittens.  We specialize in Old Style Balinese and Siamese and have combinations of blood lines that are unique to our cattery.   Our blood lines are old, with available, traceable pedigrees back to the 1800's and are proven for longevity, creating outstanding, sweet tempered kittens.  

Maintaining the Old Style or Traditional look of the Siamese and Balinese is our passion.  We are board members of the "Old Style Siamese and Balinese Club" and serve as the Secretary of the club as well.  Being a board member of a club that supports the breed allows us to stay aware of important health information or breed standards that may develop over time.  This club is directly related to the CFF, Cat Fanciers Federation and one of the oldest registering bodies for purebred cats in America.  For club membership information please email:


We feel that this breed is truly the most family oriented, intelligent, loving and beautiful breed of cat that there is.  We are determined to perpetuate the breed, to provide you with a family member who is healthy, vigorous, friendly and beautiful in looks and nature.  We are dedicated to maintaining the beautiful standards of the Old Style Siamese and Balinese cats.  To us, socializing a kitten to accept a lot of different environments and sounds is very important, therefore, we do not raise kittens in cages, or in separate buildings or cat houses.  They are raised in our home, always with us, in our laps, in our beds, on our couches, and in our arms.  We are a musical family with multiple piano players and an oboist.  We enjoy classical piano as well as a little Jaz and Sting amongst a wide mix of genres.  Your kitten will be used to music.  Raising them as member's of our family and having them be involved in our everyday routines helps each kitten become confident, curious and playful. Plus we just can't help but carry them around, we are totally crazy about each of them. They are imprinted at birth with our voices and scent and spend their growing days underfoot with us. They are ready to join you by the time time they are 3 pounds or thirteen weeks to fourteen weeks as confident, playful and healthy kittens.  

We offer all four standard colors, Lilac, Chocolate, Seal and Blue as well as rare Tortie points and Reds or Flame Points.  We also have Lynx points in both Siamese and Balinese.

​​ Do not be fooled  Here in the USA Registered Old Style Balinese or Siamese do not have white feet or a white mask.  Although I truly adore the look.  I want to educate you that if you find a breeder advertising traditional Old Style Siamese with white feet this is not a purebred Balinese or Siamese, but rather are Snowshoes, or domestic short haired cats meaning that they were created using two breeds, American Shorthair and Siamese, and should be registered as such.   Snowshoes should NEVER be displayed in a long hair form.  Torties though will have splashes of cream in various places on their muzzles and feet.  This is much different appearing than a white footed cat, white masked cat and is a different gene than the white spotting gene that is used in the Snowshoe breed.  

We are FeLV and FIV negative, and fecal cultured for parasites, protozoans, viruses and bacteria's prior to breeding and prior to leaving our home.  All adult cats are DNA tested for the eye disorder PRA which causes early aged blindness.

Our cattery is our home.  We raise not only kittens but our children here.  It is imperative that it is kept clean!  We take care to sanitize and maintain a healthy environment to eliminate the risk of disease for our cats and their kittens.  Being a Critical Care Nurse for 19 years I use my knowledge of preventing bacteria and disease to run a healthy and sound home.   

​We have a YouTube channel titled Provenance Cats.  Please enjoy videos that are posted from time to time. Make sure to subscribe to my channel.  Thank you!


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