My wait list for the Spring/Summer 2019 is full.  Once I am accepting deposits again I will make an announcement here or on my Facebook page: Provenance Cats.  My Lynx point list is full as well.  

My Red Point program is very unique.  Red Point Balinese are rare and we have people calling from all over the US and internationally, specifically looking for this color.  Because of this we have made that waiting list separate from our traditional colored Balinese wait list.  

I treat the Lynx points the same.  Although not rare, they are a specific request and the list is kept separate from the main list.  If there are lynx point kittens available they will first be offered to those on the Lynx Point wait list and then to other inquiries.  

​​​Current: Balinese Traditional color waiting list for 2019 Spring through Fall kittens:

1. Chodnicki~ Balinese long haired- female- 4/11/2018 
2. Chodnicki~ Balnese long hiared- female 4/11/2018
3. Houlihan ~ Balinese long haired- Blue or Lilac male 7/15/2018
4. McCollum~ Balinese no gender preference, no color preference 8/18/18
5. McMillan~ Balinese male Blue Point 8/24/18
6. Panaia ~ Balinese 9/17/18 Blue Point, Seal Point male or female
7. Chism ~ Balinese female 9/18/18 Seal, Blue or Lilac 
8. Chism ~ Balinese female 9/18/18
9. Irons~ Balinese female 1st, male 2nd 10/10/18 Blue, Blue Lynx Point
10. Diamond ~ Balinese 11/27/18 no gender preference, Blue or lilac
11. Shaw~ Balinese 12/18/18 any gender, any color
12. Kirker~ Balinese 1/09/19 After August Male, no color preference
13. Hoffman~ Balinese male 1/12/19 no color preference, long or short hair
14. Hoffman~Balinese female 1/12/19
15. Stoltzfus~ Balinese 1/20/19 Seal Point female, then male, long first, short second

​16. Smallwood~Balinese 2/4/19 Lilac, Blue or Red prefer male, long hair

17. Rowe~ Balinese 2/8/19 Any color, male

18. Arndt~ Balinese 2/13/19 female, Any color

19. Gonzalez ~ Balinese 3/16/19 Any color, any gender

20.Roberts~ Balinese 4/23/19 any color, any gender

​21. Goetzinger~Balinese 4/27/19 any color, any gender

Wait list is now full, please check back in June for an update. 

Siamese Variant- from Anastasia or Kallea 2019

1.Hoffman~Male 1/12/19 no color preference
2. Hoffman~Female 1/12/19

3. Stoltzfus~ Female, male, Seal 1/20/19

4. Rowe~ male 2/8/19

Specialty Color Litters~
Lynx point litter~ Accepting reservations for Spring/Fall breedings from Tigertail 2019.  

1. McMillan ~ Balinese male or female 8/24/18 Blue Lynx
2. Irons~ Balinese female, male 10/10 18 Blue Lynx
​3. Diamond ~ 11/27/18 Blue or Lilac
4. Kirker ~1/9/19 no color preference

5. Elicegui ~ 4/03/19, female

6. Goetzinger~ Balinese 4/27/19 Lynx, female

​7. Arndt~ Balinese 5/1/19

Red Point kittens ~2019~ Spring and Summer Wait list

1. Smallwood~ 2/4/19 Balinese, long hair male

2. Rowe~ 2/8/19 Balinese or Variant male

3. Arndt~ 2/17/19 Balinese 

4. Gonzalez~ 3/16/19 Balinese any gender

5. Cowing~ 4/06/19 Balinese, male 

6. Cowing~4/06/19 Balinese, male

Tortie Kittens~ Spring Wait List 

Keena and Prospero~ Long and short haired Torties and Red Points 2019

Waiting List~