Hello, and welcome to our waiting list. We separate our lists by color as well as Siamese or Balinese.  We have had so many people reach out to be placed on our lists, however, we will not be accommodating all requests.  Thank you~

All our waiting list with the exception of the Siamese are open ~ 

Lists updated on 07/13/2024


Wait List for year 2023/2024~ OPEN

1. Munoz~ 07/01/2023 Balinese any gender

2. Sakuta~09/2023 taking kitten early to Mid 2024 Balinese female, Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac no Lynx 

3. Brown~ 12/13/23 Balinese~ Blue or Lilac and Lynx

4. Rogers~ 1/7/24 Balinese male, any color except Chocolate

5. Serano~ 1/26/24 Balinese female, any color and Lynx

6. Sanders~ 2/20/24 Balinese female, Blue, Lilac and Lynx

7. Steinberg~ 2/23/24 Balinese male, any color​

8. Ma~ 04/04/24~ Balinese any gender, Seal point

​9. Carlson~ 04/04/24 Balinese, female only preference for Seal or Blue Point

10. Fabel~ 04/30/24 Balinese male, Red or Lilac

Waiting- Wait List for year 2024~

 1. Wetzel~ 07/12/22~ updated contract- 9/2023~ waiting until 9/2024 Balinese, any gender, Blue Lilac or Lynx

​2. Weber~ 6/9/23 Balinese any gender, Seal, Blue, Chocolate Lilac


Siamese kitten List~ 

​1. Madison~ 06/20/2024 Siamese male Seal Point

2. Singh~ 07/02/2024 Siamese female

3. Webster~ 07/12/2024 Siamese male 


Specialty Color Litters~

Lynx point litter 2023/2024~

1. Hunter~ 9/30/23 Balinese female Blue Lynx Point

​​2. Brown~ 12/13/23 Balinese Blue or Lilac Lynx and Traditional

3. Serano~ 1/26/24 Balinese female, any color and Traditional

4. Sanders~ 2/20 Balinese female, Blue, Lilac and Traditional 

Waiting- Lynx Point 2024 waitlist~

1. Wetzel~ 07/12/22 Balinese, any gender, Blue, Lilac Lynx or traditional- waiting until 9/2024

Red Point Balinese 2024 Wait List~ Closed

1. Walling~ 11/13/22 male or female Red Point waiting until Summer 2024

2. Burke~ 03/15/23 male or female Red Point waiting until 2024

Tortie Kittens~ Summer 2024 Wait List~ Closed

If you are interested in joining our waiting list please contact me in March 2024

 through email at:  kittens@provenancecats.com

You can also text me to 443-603-5660.  Please include your name and your request.  Thank you.

All interested will receive a phone call and at that time, the process of getting on the list, including prices and Contract will be discussed. Thank you.

Waiting List~