Hello, and welcome to our waiting list. We separate our lists by color as well as Siamese or Balinese. At this time my waiting lists are all closed.  We have had so many people reach out to be placed on our lists, however, we will not be accommodating all requests, and choose to keep our list at a number that allows personal attention to each family waiting. Please check back in June for updated information about kittens available and upcoming litters. Thank you~
Waitlist for year 2021-2022

Kittens ready to join their families in June 2021

Sunny Isles 2021 litter

1. Ovitt ~ Balinese Red Point ~ Marguerite 11/7/20

2. Bray~ Siamese Red Point~ Catherine 03/02/21

3. Augustine ~ Siamese Red Point~ Frances 03/23/21

Consuelo's litter 2021

1. Bray~ Chocolate Point Siamese~ Tom 03/02/21

2. Chaboya~ Chocolate Point Balinese~ Jasmine 08/03/21

3. Knight~ Chocolate Point Balinese~ Minnie 10/10/21

4. Sunderland~ Chocolate Point Balinese~ Charlie 10/22/21

5. Goldman~ Lilac Point Balinese~ Patrick

6. Goldman~ Lilac Point Siamese ~ Flynn

7. Murphy~ Chocolate Point Balinese ~ Fred 04/27/21

8. Ebner~ Chocolate Point Balinese ~ Jerry 06/04/21

List for Fall 2021~ Closed List

1. Day~ Balinese from Lover~ male Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac 10/26/19~ Waiting until 2021

2. Bacon~ Balinese Lilac Point 7/15/20

3. Dresp~ Balinese, female any gender, any color 10/10/20

4. Tanner~ Balinese, any gender, Seal, Blue, Chocolate 10/30/20

5. Cowan~ Balinese female, Lilac or Blue Point 01/02/21

6. Gallagher~ Balinese female, 01/03/21

​7. Ovitt~ Balinese any gender, any color 2/3/21

8. McDonald ~Balinese male, any color 2/3/21

9. Ivey~ Balinese, any gender 03/16/2021


Siamese kittens that will join their families in July~

Siamese- Kallea's litter, Traditional 2021 kittens~ Closed List

1. Lewis ~ Purple collar Boy, Chocolate Point Siamese

2. McDonald ~ Male and Female, Siamese

3. McDonald ~ Male and Female, Siamese

4. Tull ~ Male, Siamese


Specialty Color Litters~

Lynx point litter~ Closed List

1. Bacon~ Lynx Point Balinese 7/13/20

​2. Black~ Lynx Point Balinese- Lilac Lynx, female 01/03/21

3. Ovitt~ Balinese- any color, any gender 2/3/21

4. McDonald~ Balinese male, any color 2/4/21

5. Ivey~ Balinese, 03/16/21

Red Point Balinese List 2021~ Closed List

1. Gallagher ~ Balinese female 01/03/21

Tortie Kittens~ Spring 2021 Wait List ~ Closed List

We can no longer make Red Point Siamese kittens, However moving forward we will have both male and female Red Point Balinese kittens. 

If you are interested in joining our waiting list please contact me in October through email at kittens@provenancecats.com

You can also text me in October to 443-603-5660.  Please include your name and your request.  Thank you.

All interested will receive a phone call and at that time, the process of getting on the list, including prices and Contract will be discussed. Thank you.

Waiting List~