DeiDu as he is called now, was born and raised in our home.  He was born in May of 2020 to Provenance May and Permes Titus, now both retired. DeiDu was a result of a collaborative breeding between a modern Red Point stud named Pippastro Emyr (born in England, owned by Brianna Ciesla), who was a Cinnamon Point under his red; and an Old Style Lilac Point Balinese of Russian/American lines named Provenance Winterstail.  who has been retired. They birthed Provenance May who would have been a Cinnamon Point carrrier. We are hoping he carries the Cinnamon gene from his grandfather, or his mother Winterstail. DeiDu is the cutest, funniest, sweetest, most gentle cat you could ever imagine. He is big strong boy with a gloriously silky coat and nice big boning. We are searching for the perfect name for him that will encompass all that he is.  

           Provenance Dei Du  TICA registered